Q: Can I still bring my baby on the Friday night even though the event is listed as stroller free?

A: Babies and children are more than welcome to join us at our event! We encourage baby wearing and some of our vendors even have some amazing baby wearing options for purchase if needed.

Q: What can I do with my stroller if I use it to wait in line before TMMS on Friday night?

A: If you decide to bring a stroller for your time waiting in line for entrance, you can check in your stroller at our coat check/stroller valet when you get into the buliding.

Q: Will all vendors take credit and debit or is this a cash only event?

A: Almost all of our vendors will take at least credit, although its a good idea to bring some cash with you as well. In case you need cash and didnt bring any with you, the Western Fair has an ATM located in the front lobby.

Q: What is the difference between luxe bags and loot bags?

A: Luxe Bags are exclusive for the TMMS luxe pass holders ONLY. Luxe Passes go live for purchase on our website Friday August 30th at 10am and WILL sell out quickly.

Loot bags are given out to the first 125 guests that enter the event each day (November 22nd-6pm, November 23rd 10am) and will include coupon cards to use at the attending vendor booths, small gifts and surprises from The Modern Mom Show, our event host The OVer Company, Presenting Sponsor buybuyBABY and other attending sponsors+vendors.

Q: What time should I start lining up to receive a loot bag?

A: Our guests typically begin lining up on the Friday evening between 3:30pm-4:30pm when the event opens at 6pm. Usually on Saturday morning, guests begin lining up around 8:30/9am when the event opens at 10am.

Q: What is included in the luxe bags and what other tickets are available?

A: Please refer to our TMMS Pass page for a full description of all tickets available.

Q: What brands/Vendors will be attending the event?

A: Please refer to the SHOP section on the menu bar to see the full vendor listing.

Q: I am purchasing a luxe pass, but my partner will only need a regular pass. Are we are able to enter the event together?

A: The 5pm early access on Friday November 22nd will be available for luxe pass holders only, although during regular event times (Friday 6pm-10pm + Saturday 10am-4pm) you are more than welcome to event the event space together.

Q: Is there a place for me to feed and change my baby?

A: Yes! You are encouraged to make full use of our r+r lounge (presented by Rebirth Wellness Centre) where you can relax, feed your baby and chat with the experts and other mamas! We will also have a dedicated diaper change station available, close to one of the washroom exits.

Q: What kind of food can I find at the event?

A: We pride ourselves in offering food for everyone! Gluten free/vegetarian options will also be available. You can find several flavours of fritters from the Fritter Shop located beside the hot chocolate+cider bar (beside the snowcap stage),sweet crepe options at the crepe station, gluten free chili from the comfort food bar at the back of the event beside the eating area that will include both meat+vegetarian options.